Ashford Castle – 5 Stars of Luxury

We all dream of castles when we are young, It is part of the fairytale. The expensive interiors with stunning finishes, the fine dining and service which is fit for a king or queen.

Now you can have this experience thanks to Ashford Castle in Co Mayo, Ireland.

I read about Ashford Castle online, everything about it was perfect so I decided to try it myself.

Ashford Castle is set in 350 acres on the shores of Lough Corrib and has been fully restored to its historic beauty.

The hotel has 68 rooms, 14 staterooms and suites that boast some of the most stunning views. Ashford Castle also has a Falconry School which requires no experience, so if you are a bird lover you will love this experience.

The experience starts as soon as you enter the gates, from the perfectly manicured lawns to the immaculately dressed staff.


The foyer and entrance to Ashford Castle are amazing

IMG_4133 The Writers room is beautiful for afternoon tea

IMG_4115 (2)There is also a selection of restaurant’s one of them is Cullen’s at the Dungeon


the other is George V Dining Room


The hotel has an amazing cinema


billiards room


and stunning gardens

IMG_4120 IMG_4167Ashford Castle also has one of the most exceptional spa and fitness centres in Ireland.This is only just a snippet of what this amazing place has on offer.

It was also recently voted best hotel in the world.

Make sure you go and see this place for yourself. Let me know your thoughts via facebook/instagram/twitter via @wanderireland – All photos by Wanderireland.

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