Amazing Aerial footage of the Giants Causeway.

Check out this amazing video by Shaun Costello of the famous Giants Causway in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. After seeing this you will definitely add it to your to-do list.


Giant`s Causeway – Northern Ireland

The Giant`s Causeway in Antrim, Northern Ireland has been voted the 4th greatest natural wonder in the U.K and you can see why. The Causeway is an area of about 40,000 basalt columns created by an ancient volcanic eruption.

GIANTS-CAUSEWAY-Image-4-Causeway-3There is so much beauty to discover and the National Trust offer 3 walks around the Giant`s Causeway.

The BLUE trail which takes you directly to the world famous stones.

The RED trail is a clifftop walk with amazing views of the famous Causeway coast

The third is the RUNKERRY trail which is a walk next to the Giant`s Causeway, which on most days offers views of the stones and also Scotland.

Even when just wandering this amazing area, you can see just how big these stones really are. It is almost art like. Do not let the weather put you off because you will not see anything like this any where else.

Get your camera ready because you will take some stunning photos from here.


If you are visiting Ireland it is only about a 2.5 hour drive from Dublin so I would definitely put aside some time to visit this amazing natural beauty.