Pride Dublin



Pride Dublin

For those of you who missed it, Pride was on Saturday in Dublin. Dublin city centre was abuzz with people from all walks of life, and the vibe was like no other. There is something liberating about the fact people wore what they wanted, kissed who they wanted, danced liked no one was watching and paraded in front of thousands of people being who they are.

Pride Dublin 4

It was also a great day for businesses to support the LGBT community and support their employees on such an important day. Some of silicon valley’s biggest names were there with floats and they blended perfectly amongst the smaller businesses.

Pride Dublin 9

After the parade, friends, family, children and pets headed over to Merrion Square where there was singers, face painters, food stalls, a children’s play ground and everything you could want for a great day out.

Pride Dublin 3

If you haven’t been then you should put it in your diary for next year. It is a great day out for the gay, straight, bi and trans community.


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